Internet Connect by Using Mobile Bluetooth

Posted by Hrudai Tech Solutions on 09:56
Connect internet to personal computer or laptop by using mobile phone Bluetooth

Hi friends, follow these simple steps to connect internet your pc or laptops.

Your system or laptop has Bluetooth.
Your mobile have Bluetooth.

1 System or laptop Bluetooth can be enabled then follows these steps.

Go system or laptop control plan then click on “control panel” then click on “network and internet” then click “network  and sharing center” then left side find “change adapter settings”  click on it then find Bluetooth network connection if Bluetooth connection is disable mode, you can enable it.

2 Switch on mobile Bluetooth then go to your system or laptop click on start button then find “devises and printers” clink on then add mobile.

Follow image like that then clink next

Then accept on your mobile, then click next you would get successfully message.

3 Now simply go to devices and printer then find your mobile and put on mouse on mobile then right click

Follow below image easily understand

Then click standard modem over Bluetooth link Modem then next

Give Dial up phone number: *99# then connect

Follow below image.

 Internet successfully is connected.